San Marcos Academy
Private Elementary School

This 14,000 SF existing building had previously served as an ROTC building with a shooting range.  The building had to completely taken down to its steel frame and concrete foundation.  Several hurdles throughout the construction process including needed abatement and the outbreak of the pandemic, made this a project like no other.

The building is situated on a campus with a rich military history.  As such, many of the buildings are beige brick.  However the school’s new direction is expanding to wider swath of students and new vision for future expansion and mission.  This renovation of this building serves as the new design flagship for future construction.

Ultimately the final product is a bright happy space for children to learn.  The building features large new windows and every classroom has a big view of the surrounding beautiful campus with its hills and trees.  The windows are shaded with large awnings to decrease heat gain while not obstructing views.  The school was designed with a secured entry and faub system to help keep the kids safe.  Updated to meet current ADA building code makes the school now more inclusive.  Low VOC paints and products that prevent mold growth were specified.  Environmentally friendly/sustainable products such as the flooring were selected at each opportunity.  All of this together creates less absenteeism, more productivity, and simply a safer and better learning environment.